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In April 2010, Peter Bergman got together with David Ossman (along with Bill McIntyre, Dave Malony and others) and revived the legendary Radio Free Oz radio program as a podcast for the new millennium. In August of that year, working with Tom Gedwillo, Phil Fountain and Scott Wild, he started the site for publishing both podcasts and blog posts.

This site is an archive of all the content - podcasts and blog posts - that could be retrieved and recovered from the original RadioFreeOz blog site and podcast archive. In cases where the podcasts were not available for playing from the old site - whether the file name had changed, or the location of the mp3 file had moved, or the mp3 was missing from the archive - corrections are in the process of being made.

After Peter's passing in 2012, Doctor Technical continued to post content to the site, in the form of 'best of' collections and serialized Firesign and Radio Free Oz recordings.

UPDATES 12/11/2017:
Links to daily podcasts from mid-June through November 2011 have been fixed.
RFO weekly podcasts have proper titles and corrected publish dates.
Month index pages now show if a given podcast is Radio Free Oz or EYKIW.
Podcasts from before the launch of the RFO site (April-July 2010) have been added.

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