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Radio Free Oz: Saudi Wrong Number
Mon, 20 Sep 2010 05:01:59

Saudi Wrong Number

It’s stories of the 60’s in L.A. as the new Oz hooks up with the Free Press in Back In The Freep. A little mind vies to lead a little state in Don’t Tell Abe About Christine O’Donnell; a cartoonist self-erases in She’s Gone Ghost; a closer look at Lehman’s fall in Jump Suits for Wall Street and Billy leans about finance from Mr. Brown down at the bank in Exorcism In Your Daily Life: Derivatives. Barack rocks across the water in Europe Loves O; a nut case goes to press in Another So-Called Thinker; Josh Woodward ventures into the Wrong Side Of The Revolution; there’s something fishy about the statistics in The Gulf Between The Known Unknowns and The Unknown Unknowns and the shellfish return on steroids in Slick Shrimp. They’ll stone him if he goes home in Saudi Wrong Number; Kelly Brewer crosses over into digital journalism in Cosmic Shift #1; the Dems stay focused in Small Business vs. Small Minds and elegant, eighth century women abound in Jade Leaves Dangling Past Their Lips.

Show Contents:
Back In The Freep - Peter & David
Don't Tell Abe About Christine O'Donnell - Peter
She's Gone Ghost - Peter & David
Jump Suits For Wall Street - Peter
Exorcism In Your Daily Life: Derivitives - Peter, David & Dave Malony
Europe Loves O - Peter
Another So-Called Thinker - Peter & David
Wrong Side Of The Revolution - Josh Woodward
The Gulf Between The Known Unknowns & the Unknown Unknowns - Peter
Slick Shrimp - Peter, David & Dave Malony
Saudi Wrong Number - Peter & David
Cosmic Shift #1 - Kelly Brewer on The New Journalism
Small Business vs. Small Minds - Peter
Jade Leaves Danglig Past Their Lips - Peter & David

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