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Radio Free Oz: We Were Good Once It Sank
Wed, 04 Aug 2010 01:36:34

We Were Good Once It Sank
The Dr. Blowjob Show - Peter, David, Dave with Shaon Boyle
No Gossip-No Sex Change - Peter & David
A Pipeline Runs Through It - Peter
Great Scott All A-Twitter - With Scott Wild
Will Petraeus Betrays Us - Peter
Cherry - Josh Woodward
Choose Your Shovel, Choose Your Manure - Peter
A Book From The Bush Is Worth Votes In The Fall - Peter & David
Boehmer REINS It In - Peter
Burn Bible Burn - Peter & David
Sit And Die - Peter
Sure Is Cold - Da Sharks
We Were Good Once It Sank - Peter & David
Obama's Victory Lap - Peter
It's Sad To Go Home And Shut The Door - Peter & David

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