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Radio Free Oz: Bondage In The Media Room
Wed, 22 Sep 2010 05:01:08

Bondage In The Media Room

David and I announce the soon to be unveiled Ozinears, the Radio Free Oz subscription site. Glenn Beck gets caught gilding the lily in Crushing The Gold Bugs Under The Jackboots; the voices of the fringe are caught on When The Purges Start They’ll Know Where To Find Me; a conservative think tank gets it right and wrong in CATO’s Full Page Philosophy; the Bush tax cuts go to the rescue in Dems Can Win The Class War and it’s trickle up big time in A 4 Trillion Dollar Gift. Coffee made him do it in The Red Bull Strangler; Josh Woodward serves up 20/20; you can eat what’s around and eat well in Dining Locally With Chef Jess #1; the gentleman in the white suit and string tie is real in Colonel Chicken Catches The Hat and get a nasty taste of Ayatollah DeMint. The hardcore homophobes have Bondage In The Media Room; Big Jim Tesoro hits the airwaves with I’d rather See You Dead; Christine O’Donnell backs out of the Fox henhouse in She Dates Witches & Embezzles; the dictionary goes Tweet happy in AOD Needs LOL-WTF and Han Yu observes the Tang autumn in How Fast Speed These Times.

Show Contents:
A Call To Ozinears - Peter & David
Crushing Gold Bugs Under The Jackboots - Peter
When The Purges Start They'll Know Where To Find Me - Peter & Dave Malony
CATO's Full Page Philosophy - Peter & David
Dems Can Win The Class War - Peter
A 4 Trillion Dollar Gift - Peter
The Red Bull Strangler - Peter & David
20/20 - Josh Woodward
Dining Locally With Chef Jess #1
Colonel Chicken Catches The Hat - Peter
Ayatollah DeMint - Peter & David
Bondage In The Media Room - Peter
I'd Rather See You Dead - Big Jim Tesoro
She Dates Witches & Embezzles - Peter
AOD Needs LOL-WTF - Peter & David
How Fast Speed These Times - Peter & David

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