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Thu, 23 Sep 2010 15:54:45

How about that Christine O'Donnell? She has leapt out of a well-deserved obscurity and joined Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle and Michele Bachmann atop the Mt. Rushmore of ultra right wing ladies.

You might ask why Phyllis Schlafly, the demagogue of the Eagle Foundation isn't up there with them. After all, Texas replaced Thomas Jefferson with Phyllis in their school history curriculum, and that ought to get her already chiseled face chiseled up there with the other femme fatales of American fascism. But Phyllis is too old school and just doesn't have the requisite Q.

Not so, our gal Christine. She has vaulted up the steps of the temple of christian politics (I spell "christian" with a small "c" because there's not a drop of Christ in it) proudly waving all the buzzword banners of her reactionary cult. To Christine, homosexuality is an identity disorder, masturbation is adultery, AIDS victims have only themselves to blame, abortion is a crime even in cases of rape and incest and the U.S. is already mired in socialism.

When she ran for the Senate in 2006 she heard "the audible voice of God" who probably told her she was going to take a shellacking, but promised she would be carried to victory in 2010 by all the Delaware nut cases who feared His wrath should they fail to elect His anointed.

Divine intervention is one explanation for Christine's remarkable victory ; but there is another more ominous scenario.

When Chris was dating witches back in high school, doing the nasty on blood stained Satanic alters, did she make a pact with the darkest PAC of them all? Is Lucifer managing her run for the roses?

Is that why Karl Rove is so all over her? Does a whiff from O'Donnell's sulphurous campaign remind Karl of his old mentor, whose black arts served him so well in the White House? Is the Rovester jealous now that the Fly Master has chosen Christine's dung pile of smears and lies to hatch his eggs? Stay tuned. The soap opera has just begun.

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