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Sat, 25 Sep 2010 00:10:52

Hear this one on RFO Monday!  Thanks for the cool comments.  More NewsPoems real soon.


Paul Krugman says          Op Ed     the Times  today

America’s future is

Banana Republic               no, not the store

A nation run by Colonels like Ollie North

and the on-coming on-slaughter

of Stallone-thug wannabees so secretly

trained to kill               one-at-a-time

in this particularly bullshit war

A compassionless state

where Wall Streeter’s houses are visible

From Outer Space

Slavery returns big-time to fatten,

kill, pick, clean

and I mean really clean in those 17 bathrooms

while farm rats bite the desperate hens

in the face

Rats and hens left alone with Darwin

To max-out some bottom line while

mercenary families

with choppers & whackers           guns & gasoline

make sure they can drive a truck

any damn place on God’s Earth

before they barbeque for Eternity in Heaven

where it’s clean

24 Sept 10

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