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Radio Free Oz: Going To Sleep To The Dirty Choo-Choo
Tue, 28 Sep 2010 05:01:39

Going To Sleep To The Dirty Choo-Choo

Sherriff Axhandle shows how weird local can be in A Black Horse On Formerly Lane; I dream of green trains in Going To Sleep To The Dirty Choo-Choo; Bob Woodward is a fly on the wall of the oval office in Put The War Back On Its Meds and Charzad Hackerthumb evangelizes for the not-dead in Stake A Heart Foundation. The Republicans are full of it in GOP-The Constipated Crocagator; the Bozos with their Nose-O’s return to the stage in Firesign Goes Back On The Road; these little fellows are the house guests you didn’t expect in There Are Bed Bugs Eating Through My Zipper; there’s a scent of bloodbath in the air in The Midterm Monster Looms and Jack Knaurer sends a G. I. off to fight his demons in Johnny Went To War. Our English cousins are out of there in The Brits Hand Yanks The Trouble; it’s multinational indigestion in Brave New Eating; cast your ballot for the worst in Vote For The Rubber Dodo; Big Bill & Meg want to buy you out in Partiers For The Right and a sane voice in congress wonders what we’re doing over there in Barney Wants ‘Em Home. The jury’s out in David’s Voir Dire; the voters are cranky in Independent=Independent Of Serious Thought; the compassion of Obama Care shines in Common Sense Kicks In and Tang poet Han Yu reveals that his Autumn Night Can Not Dawn. Join you again when the next autumn dawn comes along.

Show Contents:
A Black Horse On Formerly Lane - Peter & David
Going To Sleep To The Dirty Choo-Choo - Peter
Put The War Back On Its Meds - Peter
Stake A Heart Foundation - Charzad Hackerthumb
GOP-The Constipated Crocagator - Peter
Firesign Goes Back On The Road - Peter & David
There's A Bed Bug Eating Through My Zipper - Peter
The Midterm Monster Looms - Peter
Johnny Went To War - Jack Knaurer
Brits Hand Yanks The Trouble - Peter
Brave New Eating - Peter & David
Vote For The Rubber Dodo - Peter
Partiers For The Right - Peter & David
Barney Wants 'Em Home - Peter
Voire Dire - David
Independent=Independent Of Serious Thought - Peter
Common Sense Kicks In - Peter
Autumn Night Can Not Dawn - Peter & David

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