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Wed, 29 Sep 2010 17:30:40

Polling on Obama Care has been pretty consistent, 40%  like it, 40% don’t like it and the other 20% could care less.

That over half the public is unimpressed with this major reform of our health care system puzzles me; but what I find most astonishing is the insane lengths to which the opposition has gone to demonize it.

How about those Death Panels we would face, deciding if there’s enough wage earner left in us to pay for the heart transplant? Totally bogus, but that doesn’t stop Sister Sarah and her Foxy friends from spreading the lie, and scarring half our rest home residents to death.

So, in the pursuit of truth and sanity, let’s take a look at the key Obama Care reforms that went into effect last week.

First: Providers won’t be able to cancel a policy because of a typo on the application. The insurance companies will have to find other work for the legion of nitpickers, who cast honest clients into purgatory for want of Spell Check.

Second: Insurers can’t deny coverage to kids because of pre-existing conditions like hay fever, asthma, or sports injuries. I get it. Why should we make the kids suffer just because there’s too much ragweed, polluted air and AYSO leagues?

Third: No more limits on the amount of coverage. So if I develop a chronic condition, I don’t have to lose my life savings, my self-esteem and move back in with my parents in Shaker Heights.

Fourth: The provider will pay for mammograms and standard immunizations. Pretty radical, huh? Denying Americans their inalienable right to breast cancer, diphtheria, polio, mumps and measles.

Fifth: In case of a medical crisis, I can use the nearest emergency room without penalty. That’s a relief. The last time I had a car accident, I had to drive my broken body in my broken car across town to my local ER to cover the charges.

There they are. The core of the new regulations that health care providers must abide by. Not exactly the Maoist, Stalinist, communist, socialist, totalitarian take over that the corporate shills, co-opted congressmen and over-steeped Teabaggers are trumpeting.

Wait a minute! Are the Insurance Barons threatened by the prospect of healthy Americans? Do they fear that if they can no longer “play doctor” with our bodies, that we’ll recover and take back the treasures they stole from our sick beds? Does that vision make them ill?

Not to worry. Their local Obama Care physician is in, and will see them now.

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