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Radio Free Oz: Eat My Double Down: The Best Of The Best Of The Week
Fri, 01 Oct 2010 05:01:18

Eat My Double Down: The Best Of The Best Of The Week

In this Best of the Best of the Week, we kick off with my take on the babe who chose covenant over coven, A New Face On Ultra Right Wing Mountain; the yokes on the Senators when All Eggs Kill; Ossman’s Banana Republicans finds the Kerouac in Klugman; those buns are moving! in Eat My Double Down; Charzad vamps for vampires and the Stake A Heart Foundation; the new health regs are beautiful, so when does the Common Sense Kick In. I’m packing my trunk for Marin and Monterey because Firesign Goes Back On The Road; Mr. Frank stays so right on in Barney Wants ‘Em Home; Big Jim & Meg want to buy you an election in Partiers For The Right and Leuren Moret traces bullets from Iraq to babies in China with The Depleted Uranium Wars #1. Wikileaks doesn’t retreat, it retweets the Pentagon in Burn All The Books You Want, Nazi Punks; Josh Woodward let’s go in Swansong; Pat dusts off his white bucks and Boone Brings His Huffy To The Tea Party and David pens free courtroom verse with Voir Dire; Meet the sheriff who gives skinheads a bad name in Babeau Redux, and join him with the ruins of John McCain in You’re One Of Us. I broke down when Jack Knaurer recorded How We Danced at Blue Ewe Studios; Obama the Monster has been replaced by Tony the Polluter in The Horror Of Halloween; Yves St. Stool scooped the Italian fashionistas when he debuted his Pelican Briefs; we find out What A Predator Wants and we go out with the scent of a Tang autumn in Autumn Night Can Not Dawn.

Show Contents:
A New Face On Ultra Right Wing Mountain - Peter
All Eggs Kill - Peter & David
Banana Republicans - David
Eat My Double Down - Peter & David
Stake A Heart Foundation - Charzad Hackerthumb
Common Sense Kicks In - Peter
Firesign Goes Back On The Road - Peter & David
Barney Wants 'Em Home - Peter
Partiers For The Right - Peter & David
The Depleted Uranium Wars #1 - Interview with Leuren Moret
Burn All The Books You Want, Nazi Punks - Peter & David
Swansong - Josh Woodward
Boone Brings His Huffy To The Tea Party - Peter & David
Voire Dire - David
Babeau Redux - Peter
You're One Of Us - Peter & Dave Malony
How We Danced - Jack Knaurer
The Horror Of Halloween - Peter & David
Pelican Briefs - Peter, David & Dave Malony
What A Predator Wants - Peter & David
Autumn Night Can Not Dawn - Peter & David

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