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Mon, 04 Oct 2010 16:18:34

These are confusing times, no doubt. In a little over a year we have seen our economy tank, our empire implode and our culture unravel.

Whether we've entered a bona fide "Big D" depression or are just double-dipping doesn't change the fact that half the states are bankrupt, real unemployment is nearly double what the government will admit and the specter of homelessness stalks millions of Americans who, until recently, were sleepwalking through the American dream.

We can't pump up the war machine because we lost the handle chasing vandals in and out of the Middle East; and the loyal opposition in Congress is loyal only to their simpleminded scheme of bringing down the government so they can root around for goodies in the ashes.

“These are the times that try men’s souls”, and we have been tried and found wanting on at least one count of spineless stupidity.

Both ends of the political spectrum have abjured any responsibility for the mess we’re in and shifted the explanation to a series of self-serving conspiracy theories, all starring Barack Hussein Obama.

The Tea Party version has been grabbing column inches for months. Obama is a dedicated, anti-colonial, Kenyan anchor baby, sent here to take away our guns, our Hummers and our right to die from lack of proper health care.

The rants from the disgruntled left have the look of legitimate research; but in the end are just as farfetched.

My favorite is the screed that ties Obama’s father and the rest of his family to a variety of CIA plots against good-guy African leaders, and then reveals the military/industrial cabal behind Barack’s rise to the presidency. All that’s missing are the Illuminati, The Elders Of Zion and The Spear Of Longinus.

Obama's not the Manchurian candidate. He's a remarkable person trying to clean up a White House befouled with eight years of sedition and greed. He got the Nobel Prize just for being elected! That's a measure of the doo-doo left behind by Dubya and the horse he rode out on.

Take another look at TARP-it worked. Study the Stimulus Bill-it's a transforming vision. And come November 2nd-get off your disgruntled ass and do the right thing.

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