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Radio Free Oz: Would You like A Glock With Your Gimlet?
Mon, 11 Oct 2010 05:01:22

Would You like A Glock With Your Gimlet?

David and I are having fun whether we're Waiting For Godot Or The Firesign Theatre

Cozy in the Boardrooms-they have their Corporate Profits Warmed By Firings

The wunderkinds in the West Wing are wondering How Slow Can This Recovery Get?

So macho both sides of the border with A Knee In The Groin And A Man In Your Shoes

It's My Man, Tom Harkin On The Patients Bill Of Rights

Josh Woodward's response to the earthquake in Haiti is Motionless City

I take a look at Corporate America:Turning Pink Into Gold

At Fast Food In The Box you can get More Salt On Your Damp Dog Hair

The FCC can save the world- Net Neutrality Now!

The writing on another foreign wall appears when the Taliban Torches The Trucks

You're carryin'. Would You like A Glock With Your Gimlet?

The Wonks are talkin' Guns In The Wiggle Room

A gift from a friend, this Airplanes Part 2

There's a big bad wolf at my door, because I'm Living In The Goldilocks Zone

What's the answer to T'ao Ch'ien question: How Can Today Be Compared To Tomorrow.

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