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Radio Free Oz: Paying Attention To Not Paying Attention
Wed, 13 Oct 2010 05:01:01

Paying Attention To Not Paying Attention

David and I look forward to the launch of Ozinears. Line Up The Trumpets

I look at the developing disaster in Pakistan and see A Beacon Of Burning Tankers

A menacing midterm appraoches and The Angry Line Up To Vote

If you were born today, you've got a little Lenny in you says the Comedy Calendar for Oct. 13

Better stay green in the Euro zone. Break A Dam-Go To Jail

He got the message, now he's out Pulling The Trigger For Glenn

Was he born an ignorant bully, or Does Paladino Have A Choice?

Americans hate the government they want because they're Paying Attention To Not Paying Attention

Dana Lyons warns us not to go Swimming In Da Nile

Frank Acme and Dr. Archtype star in the Firesign's Fuse Of Doom: Should Old Acquaintance

The bloodshed may be over as Turkey Finds A Way With The Kurds

At the other end of that AK-47 is The Tea Party Torturer

T'ao Chi'en reminds us that In A Bare Room There Is Leisure To Spare

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