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Radio Free Oz: The Mayors Of Crazy Town
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:01:26

The Mayors Of Crazy Town

The Dr. Blowjob Show - Peter, David, Dave with Shaon Boyle
The Belle Of Wellesley Comes With A Bushel Of Bucks - Peter
Sapp The Bigot Coward - Peter & David
No Boola Boola For The Electoral College - Peter
This Kumbaya Thing - Peter & David
On Plutonium Pond - Lizz Woodruff
Why Fret, Why Fume, Why Worry - Pete Seeger
The Government As Mighty Mouse - Peter
Don't Go Down Jordan - Peter & David
The Senate Wants To Know - Peter
Busting The Filibuster - Peter
Spend Too Much On Defense-Yes We Can - Peter & David
Let The Vets Light Up - Peter
Buff Fighting vs. Good Writing - Peter & David
The Lights Stay On In Arizona - Peter
Born Into The Movement - Robert Chavez
Tea Party is the Mid-Term Issue - Peter
Killer Biscuits Wanted For Attempted Murder - Peter & David

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