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Mon, 18 Oct 2010 01:13:38

There they stood, hoses in hand, the brave firefighters of Obion County, Tennessee, instructed by their boss to let Gene and Paulette Cranicks' home burn to the ground, taking the family's dogs and cats with it. All because of a $75 fee that had been overlooked. Gene Cranick pleaded with the firemen, offered up the money, then tried to put out the blaze himself.

His reward, a thorough tongue lashing from that beady eyed marshmallow, Glenn Beck, who excoriated Cranick for trying to "sponge off his neighbors." In the background, Glenn's radio show side kick mocked Cranick's futile attempt to save his home and his pets.

If Don Imus deserves to be suspended for his thoughtless, racial slurs, then Beck has earned a place in the tunnel recently exited by the Chilean miners, to contemplate the darkness of his heart.

Beck's twisted response to the tragedy is no surprise. But he has been joined in the blogosphere and on the airwaves by a chorus of self righteous reactionaries and compassion free libertarians who display the spectre of the Cranicks' smoking ruins as a warning to every citizen who thinks they can get away with sucking off the American Dream.

Are these troubled times tearing us apart? Are we so spooked by the overnight disappearance of the Unlimited Everything that we'll let a neighbor's house burn and his pets fry because of a late fee? Do Glenn Beck and his morally bankrupt minions have their fingers on the true pulse of this nation, a pulse so amped with fear that we are unable to reach out and save our brothers and sisters in distress?

I don't think so. It's only a matter of time before we come out of shock, find our center and put this nation back on its feet. As for Glenn and his ilk, the doggies and kitties whose fiery death they mocked, wait for them at the Gates Of Hell.

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