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Radio Free Oz: The Father-Son Nazi Bonding Thing
Mon, 18 Oct 2010 05:01:28

The Father-Son Nazi Bonding Thing

The Oz Team has been coming at you daily since Earth Day. That makes One Hundred Shows And We're 2 Minutes To Midnight

If Karzai doesn't get the Taliban to the table, he'll look in the mirror and see No Head Above The Collar

If those Cheeseheads don't hold on to Russ, there will be Sun Spots Over Wisconsin

Who's that kissing authoritarian butt? It's Chavez The Putz

Take your eye off the ball and Whoops! There Goes The Two Party System

Daddy's back from playing SS. It's The Father-Son Nazi Bonding Thing

Wake and bake and take The Hail Mary Jane Option

Isn't that bridge built yet? Obama Pushes The Shovel Ready

Frank Acme's last chance to save the world in the Firesign Theatre's Fuse Of Doom: Care Of  The Cow Brings Good Fortune

Recovery? We're in the Bottom Of  The Ninth - Down 11.5 Million Jobs

There's an onus that goes with that Wall Street bonus. You've got to Lay 'Em Off To Lard It On

Li Po pours one more and Three Cups Penetrate The Great Truth

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