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Radio Free Oz: The Prayboy Money Laundry
Thu, 21 Oct 2010 05:01:47

The Prayboy Money Laundry

David and I review the oddballs on the ballot. It's A Cup Of Tea Party

Dear Crazy White People, please step aside. The Gray And The Brown  - The New Civil War

We don't want no Obama Care here, because Germs Stop At The State Line

Paladino's meeting with the homophobic rabbi. What about the ladies? Put 'Em In The Red Tent

Dana Lyons won't bow down to the TV God

The GOP has lots of lies and foreign loot. But we have Michelle The Secret Weapon

John Boehner sends a check to A Nazi Out Of Context

The Prez takes a look at Obama 2.0

Tom Hoeflich sings to the Science God

Is it a jihad for Jesus over at The Prayboy Money Laundry

Hide your ballot, Here Come The Poll Bullies

Moss Hart, Johnny Carson, Curly and Weird Al crowd the Comedy Calendar for Oct. 21-24

The snitches are killing them, so DOD Hits Wikileaks Where It Hurts

Ol' Miss passes on the mascot and Faulkner Carries The Ball

Ssu-K'ung T'u wonders why For No Reason I Dream Of Falling Petals

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