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Fri, 22 Oct 2010 00:58:41

This is a scary election, but it's also a lot of weird fun.

I keep reminding myself how much is at stake and then whammo! there's Rand Paul sparking up a college girlfriend, blindfolding her and taking her down to the river to bow before The Aqua Buddha. Come on, it doesn't get any kookier than this.

How about Christine O'Donnell, another stellar Republican senatorial candidate, who did the nasty on a bloodstained, satanic altar as a teenager? This is good stuff.

Then there's Sharron Angle, the GOP wannabe senator who tells an auditorium of high school Hispanics that they look like Asians to her. I'd have trouble making that up.

Let's not forget Ron Johnson, the cheese-head running against Russ Feingold, who confronts record world temperatures and sees sun spots.

Or Carl Paladino, the homophobic gubernatorial candidate who runs the hottest gay clubs in Buffalo.

Or Joe Miller up in Alaska, who cuffs reporters when they get too close. These guys are a gift to anyone with a sense of humor.

We will remember this midterm election as the final revenge of the crazy, old white people. We will mark it as the final stage of the unraveling of the once-noble party of Abraham Lincoln.

We will look back at the two years of partisan gridlock and know-nothing fingerpointing that this election ushered in as the springboard to The New New Deal -- the multi-ethnic, multi-aged, super-smart, totally practical solution to the economic and spiritual catastrophe that Bush and his corrupt gang of powermongers, bean counters and war lovers have bequeathed us.

Yes, Dear Friends, this midterm election is all that and a total hoot to boot.

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