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Radio Free Oz: Is That Aqua Budda You're Wearing?
Mon, 25 Oct 2010 05:01:36

Is That Aqua Buddha You're Wearing?

David and I riff off a listener's comments while Getting Out Of The Way Just In Time

Professor Puffball needs to meditate on his own darkness. Put Glenn In The Chilean Mine

He's The New Archbishop of Brussels, but nobody wants The Wisdom Of A Horny, Old Celibate

This midterm election is beyond weird, It's Just Plain Nuts

So, he dresses as a Nazi on the weekends. Boehner Says Yes To The SS

Sharron Angle is teetering On The Border Of Sanity

Da Sharks get hot and it Sure Is Cold

Hey, Rand, Is That Aqua Buddha You're Wearing?

If we can't find the door to the exit strategy, We Will Be Fighting Here Forever

The Left and Right have had it. Enough With This Midterm Already

Dana Lyons remembers June Is Coming

Let him blush before naked justice. Bring Ashcroft To The Bar

I just got his e-mail. Obama Wants To Shoot Hoops With Me

The dollars and the donors are tight, and Charity Isn't Beginning At Home

Han Yu, that old devil, has written A Poem To Startle My Wife And Children

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