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Tue, 02 Nov 2010 17:53:38

Republican control of the House will do nothing but exacerbate the economic crisis that's engulfing us.

The House GOP leadership -- if you can in your wildest dreams call John Boehner a leader -- comes to power with a plan to do little more than relentlessly investigate and harass the Obama administration, dismantle health care, extend tax cuts for the Super-rich and deregulate Corporate America.

This reactionary crusade isn't the carefully thought-out program of a Republican brain trust. Those know-nothings are suspicious of anyone with a brain, and have done nothing to earn our trust.

If there is a mind behind what is now called the GOP, it resides inches above the jowly puss of Karl Rove.

You are looking into the face of the new Rasputin -- the most powerful politician on the right. And he has no politics!

He doesn't give a fig about abortion on demand, school prayer, gay marriage or Obama's birth certificate, and he has nothing but contempt for those who do.

He is interested in power -- nothing more. He had power over George W. Bush and this nation once, and has returned to take that power back as the ruthless front man for the financial and corporate elite.

He and everyone he represents stand in the way of an equitable recovery for all Americans.

Know your enemy, and know the power that energizes this moral zombie. It is the ultra-moneyed class that dictates to our corporations, rigs our financial markets and buys every politician up for sale.

The election is over and the game has begun. They're the rich school with all the fancy equipment. Their mascot is Karl Rove -- a pig in a jacket.

We're the poor school, and we're playing them on their anything-but-level playing field. Our mascot is Barack Obama -- a mensch in a pickle.

Let's go cream their asses and take back our country -- the trophy they're holding hostage.

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