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Radio Free Oz: We Who Are About To Be Betrayed
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 05:05:39

We Who Are About To Be Betrayed

In the wake of the midterm, David and I say Goodbye, America

Will it ever go away? Is It A Lame Duck Deficit?

The world could nearly end because the Air Force Blows It Again

The cunning and the sorrow. We Who Are About To Be Betrayed

It all happened so fast. Chinese Wears The Digital Crown

For Josh Woodward it was Once Tomorrow

There's no smart way to take The Road To Going Stupid

Wake and bake early if you want to play

I love to talk with Paul. Mugged By The Moralizers - A Critique

Before we hang with the Tang, David and I sit On The Coach With Fibber And Harry

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