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Sun, 14 Nov 2010 22:09:57

Sarah Palin and Evita Peron have much in common.

Juan Peron transformed a second-rate actress into a national icon. John McCain transformed a second-rate beauty queen into a presidential contender.

Evita had a taste for fancy clothes, and spent countless evenings dispensing alms to the poor and sick of Argentina.

Sarah ran up six figures on the GOP credit card buying designer duds, and her commentaries on Fox are psychic alms for the poor, sick Tea Baggers.

Like Evita, Sarah is adored and reviled. Seventy percent of Republicans like her, sixty percent of independents don't like her, and she scares every Democrat to death. Karl "The Puppet Master" Rove hates her because Sarah is a star and comes with no strings attached. Karl dissed her reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska. I saw the trailer. She comes off as a lust-for-life Teddy Roosevelt with better teeth.

Evita and Sarah aren't politicians in the classic sense. Evita didn't spring from the Legislature but from the dressing room of the Opera House. Sarah got a taste of serving the people in Juneau, and quit as soon as the money got better stateside.

At the height of her reign, Evita succumbed to cancer, only to rise twenty-six years later as the star of a hit musical bearing her name.

In 2040, twenty-six years after President Palin was whisked up in The Rapture Of 2014, will a holographic Sarah! delight the super rich on Broadway, while crowds of the permanently unemployed riot outside the theatre?  We'll have to wait and see,

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