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Radio Free Oz: Kinder Gentler Pedophiles: The Best Of The Best
Fri, 19 Nov 2010 06:05:56

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Kinder Gentler Pedophiles: The Best Of The Best

When the Tea Party Circus opens in Washington, we'll get plenty of Barton The Buffoon

Put aside your fears of an early death and Have A Scary Smoke

I'm smoking up the hood. It's So Square - It's Hip

As the smoke clears, the Firesign Theatre says, So Long, Joe Camel

I put a hard time to rhyme. Midterm Nightmare

WWJD? Just Say Noah To Global Warming

Amazon hates to let go of their Kinder Gentler Pedophiles

Let's join Nyle and Let The Beat Build

Fascism in designer duds. Sarah Peron

When your teen throb is pixelated. Light Sticks And Holograms

They're getting the hell out of Gitmo. Britain Buys Out Of An American Scandal

Hey, Achmet! This bullet has my name on it. The Firesign Theatre is In The War Zone

The plutocrats want Pelosi out because Nancy Won't Budge

Women's rights support the Left. Abortion A Winner

Let's wrap it up and join Li Po Drinking Alone Beneath The Moon

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