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Radio Free Oz: Will The Real Mullah Mansour Please Come Back
Mon, 29 Nov 2010 06:05:50

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Will The Real Mullah Mansour Please Come Back

It's that special day again and David & I discuss What Peter Wants For His Birthday

It's going to get even stickier now that we've got our hands in The Yemen Tar Baby

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What happened to our Taliban friend? Will The Real Mullah Mansour Please Come Back

Josh Woodward sings his Swansong for a love affair that's history.

Take that pink bracelet off. There Could Be Bombs In The Boobies

There's not a statesman among them. Handicapping The Wingnuts

The Firesign Theatre sez It's A Small McWorld

Going inside to find the insiders. FBI Raids The Hedges

Where the rubber hits the road. Now The Pope Will Cover You

Dumb policy equals a dumb future. Students Bleeding From A Million Cuts

Kuan Han-Ch'ing's benediction. May You Fare Well Across 10,000 Miles

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