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Radio Free Oz: Wikileaks From The Reign Of Terror: The Best Of The Best
Sat, 03 Dec 2010 06:05:21

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Wikileaks From The Reign Of Terror: The Best Of The Best

He was the only turban with a positive attitude. Will The Real Mullah Mansour Please Come Back

Read 'em and weep. Wikileaks From The Reign Of Terror

I'm taking some time out to have Sex With My Hat

He's too smart to be one of us. Putting A Musket To Lugar's Head

You can't wear those in my school. There Could Be Bombs In The Boobies

Busting the designer crooks. FBI Raids The Hedges

Give credit where credit is due. Setting A Trap For Mice Type

Blogged down in The Empire's Gossip Dump

Reality is heating up. Let's join Dana Lyons and go Swimming In Da Nile

Alan Simpson left his compassion back at the ranch. Pickle Up His Ass Wants Blood

No future for a generation of Students Bleeding From A Million Cuts

Is that a joint or a rocket launcher. What Is The Bureau Of Reclamation Smoking?

America is no place to grow old. This Old Mouse Wants A Telomere Cocktail

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