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Radio Free Oz: Like My 15 Billion Euro Haircut?
Tue, 06 Dec 2010 06:05:38

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Like My 15 Billion Euro Haircut?

Once a year we have the pleasure of Yodeling Happy Birthday To Dave

After all the DeLay, they've finally gotten around to Nailing The Hammer

Dig down deep for Oz and Push That Button

Tehran is a dangerous town. Iranian Scientists Get Nuked

Some say it's symbolic, but Are The Dems Pasting Some On?

For the Western Heroes The Stars Are Crying

Someone gave my bonds a flattop. Like My 15 Billion Euro Haircut?

One thing is transparent. It's Just Not Espionage

It's Game Over for The Firesign Theatre when The Pink Hotel Burns Down

We can have all the war toys we want. NATO Kisses U.S. Butt

It may offend the Fundamentalists; but soon we may be Seeing With Stem Cells

Li Ho knows that When Demons Are Feeding, Men Shudder

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