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Radio Free Oz: Screw The Exhaustees
Thu, 08 Dec 2010 06:05:26

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Screw The Exhaustees

Kentucky's new creationist theme park will have Outdoor Bible Parking

Those damned birthers won't go away. They insist on seeing your American Ticket

Where are the Dems going to find the sand to kick in the bullies' faces? A Majority Of Wusses

The Firesign's Mr. Liverface knows what dogs and cats love to eat...each other!

Giving the cold shoulder to global warming. If We Don't Lead We're All Going To Bleed

Women voting for the GOP. They're Doing Their Nails While We're Being Nailed

The flame never dies. Jack Knaurer's How They Danced

Maybe they're too lazy to work. Maybe we're too lazy to care. Screw The Exhaustees

Let's pause for Phil Proctor and Gramp's Words

The madness builds. Let's Give Sharee Law A Call

Yuan Chen's poem will Spin A Gossamer Web In The Void

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