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Radio Free Oz: Sleepless Nights At Foggy Bottom
Fri, 09 Dec 2010 12:00:50

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Sleepless Nights At Foggy Bottom

Save the kids. Out With The Ding Dongs - In With The Fugis

Standing in line on the treadmill to nowhere. Firing The Jobless

Lame Duck vs. Game Dame. Elizabeth Warren's Battle Call

The game show for the New Normal. Empire Jeopardy: Red Cloak For Breakfast

A new low. The end of film. Pull My String

Go fight the devil. He's everyone else. Jack Knaurer's Johnny Got His Gun

Half time is over. Will Obama Rust In Peace

The Wikileaks are trickling down. Sleepless Nights At Foggy Bottom

The Firesign Theatre is Addicted To The News

Yo! If You're Not In The Know, Don't Steal The Dough

The game show must go on. Empite Jeopardy: Billion Dollar Man

Turn on the U boat generators, we're going to press. Wikileaks Bunkers Down

Wen T'ing-Yun pens A Song Of Fishing

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