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Radio Free Oz: How We Got Here: Oz Looks Back At The Last Nine Months
Tue, 13 Dec 2010 12:00:25

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How We Got Here: Oz Looks Back At The Last Nine Months

David and I begin this retrospective with a few slick comments about The Oil Spill

We're down at the Gulf, taste tasting out of a test tube. Slick Shrimp

It's hindsight from here on in. A Little Bit Too Late

Yves. St. Stool dresses up the Gulf disaster. Pelican Briefs

David & I sense we've been sand bagged by the Teabaggers. The Tea Party & The GOP

Karl is back doing his Masters' work. Game Day For America

We can slap America back into shape. Buzzcut For Senate

The new face of fascism is winking at us. Sarah Peron

The Rev. Bill Barnstormer reads from The Second Book Of Paul

David & I have no problem using the "D" word? The Great Double Dip

Bottom feeding off the bottom line. Corporate America: Turning Pink To Gold

It's breaking Bill Moyers' heart. We Who Are About To Be Betrayed

If you we're working you wouldn't be looking for work. Firing The Jobless

Say "No" to the madness and earn Your Ticket To Bunker Hill

David & I stand up for the Not-Me's. Borders & Birthers

Senator "Dang Fence," You're One Of Us

Maybe it's something they ate. Republicans Hate Latinos

Send Obama back to Mars where he came from. The American Ticket

David & I muse on what two billion a day can't buy us. AfPak & Beyond

The damage is done. End it now. Oh, Afghanistan

The light at the end of the tunnel is A Beacon Of Burning Tankers

Bringing the war back home. Drone 'Em and Drag 'Em

The bucks start here. Redo The Math

Li Po also knew war as a way of life. They Fought South Of The Walls

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