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Thu, 23 Dec 2010 18:57:56

It won't be long before the eager crowds of Tea Baggers, young-earthers, global warming deniers, militiamen and compassion-free libertarians ride into Washington on the wave of free-floating, misdirected, national anger that sent them to the Capitol to do their worst.

For someone like me, who takes infinite pleasure chronicling the antics of the Booboisie, the next two years are going to be a hoot. I confess there's a tiny part of my psyche that wishes Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle, Tom Tancredo, Joe Miller and Rich Iott had made the cut.

Think how much livelier the 112th Congress would be with a teenage Satanist, a woman who turns unwanted pregnancies into lemonade, a world-class bigot, a man who handcuffs annoying reporters and a guy who likes to hang out on the weekends in an SS uniform roaming the halls of the House and the Senate.

It's no surprise that we elected such a bevy of over-the-top wingnuts to preside over us. They are us.

Look around. America has never been so over-the-top.

We weigh more pounds, watch more TV, wear more clothes, wave more fingers, whip more whipping boys, wave more flags, weave more conspiracies, wrestle more demons and want more of everything than ever before in our two-hundred-and-fifty-year history.

The next two years will tell the tale. Perhaps the gaggle of newly elected yahoos and know-nothings, inspired by the spirits of Washington, Lincoln and the Not-Me in the White House, will grow into their jobs.

Perhaps John Boehner will get even more deeply in touch with his feelings and reach out to the millions who need their government's help.

But I doubt it. I think we're in for two years of serve the rich and let God sort out the rest.

That's what we get for living in an over-the-top culture. The ultra-rich get ultra-richer, the middle class is marginalized, and the Booboisie dance in the halls of Congress.

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