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Radio Free Oz: Snooki Meets The Lone Ranger: Week of 1-10-2011
Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:30:49

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Snooki Meets The Lone Ranger: Week of 1-10-2011

This week's show is the beginning of the latest evolution of Radio Free Oz. Since April, David Ossman and I have been producing daily shows of news commentary and comedy that have been avidly downloaded by two thousand or more Ozinears every day.

It's been a marvelous experience, and one which we will continue to deliver, but restructured to conform with the reality of making a living in these difficult, yet interesting times. Every week David and I will record an extended conversation, summing up our collectives takes on what's going down. We'll also be producing comedy skits and singles, so you can keep in touch with the Reverend Bill Barnstormer, Pastor GoToHell, Yves St. Stool, Empire Jeopardy and much more that has yet to spring from our collective brows.

I'll continue to text and blog on a regular basis. David will also keep his blog fresh with his poetry and wise ramblings.

What we need from you, dear listeners and readers is support. We have to pay for studio, materials and bandwidth. With your help we can grow Oz during the next two years of right wing depredations and continue to rain on the Tea Party and lift a left leg on the plutocrats.

So, here we go, SNOOKI MEETS THE LONE RANGER is the first of these extended conversations. It includes a musical interlude from Jack Knaurer and a couple of Li Po Tang poems to finish things off. Please enjoy and don't forget to push the donation button.

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