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Radio Free Oz: Darling Is It Dog Again For Dinner: Week of 1-24-2011
Mon, 24 Jan 2011 12:30:44

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Darling Is It Dog Again For Dinner: Week of 1-24-2011

David and I do this show via Skype with Dave up at Blue Ewe Studios in the thick of the High Elf Forest and yours truly in Los Angeles in the midst of a patch of pleasantly clement weather.

We kick off our conversation with a look at the first week of our two week Keep Oz On The Air fund drive. Right now we're pretty much on track with almost $800 dollars in by Friday the 21st. We encourage everyone who enjoys the Oz experience to help us reach our modest but all important goal.

Then it's off to trolling the woe with a look at the list of programs that the GOP House majority is determined to kill. Public radio and public television are on the chopping block along with legal services for the poor, public transport and anything that smacks of protecting the environment. It's no longer a question of the barbarians being at the gate, there in the house and running amok.

Dave and I, both Sagitariuns, complain bitterly about the conspiracy to take our astrological sign away and turn us into Ophiuchi, plural for Ophiuchus the Snake handler. Totally out of the question. If defending our status as centaurs makes us Old School, then so be it.

It's bad enough that some astronomer says that by 2012 we may have two suns in the night sky, and some archeologist digs down into a pile of ten thousand year old human waste to discover we may have been eating dog for dinner. Troubled times indeed.

So, stay tuned, push the "Piss Off Karl Rove" button and enjoy another week with Oz In Your Ears.

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