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Radio Free Oz: Hellfire At The End Of The Tunnel: Week of 2-7-2011
Mon, 07 Feb 2011 12:30:21

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Hellfire At The End Of The Tunnel: Week of 2-7-2011

David and I kick it off this week with solid appreciation for the Ozinears who put us over the top in our "PISS OFF KARL ROVE FUND DRIVE" We collected the two thousand dollars necessary to keep us on the air for the next three months.

Then, a quick look at SCOTUS wife, Ginny Thomas who has opened her own boutique lobbying group - Liberty Consulting. Clarence could care less; he forgot to list her income on his last 13 tax returns.

On to Egypt which has me glued to CNN and MSNBC. Totally marvelous, and by my lights the beginning of a positive transformation. I think we're going to be pleasantly surprised by the government that shakes out of all of this.

We riff on the new law before the Arizona Senate that would empower a committee of 12 to determine if a federal law or regulation should be put to the peope for nullification. Nullification!? They're going to turn Obama into Lincoln whether he likes it or not.

Disaster designer Yves St. Stool tut tuts over Kenneth Cole's international faux pas. Ken tweeted that the "uproar in Egypt" was an over-the-top reaction to his new Spring collection. Funny, I didn't catch anybody slipping into Cole Hahn penny loafers and hoofing it down to Tahrir Square.

We offer notes on The Great Recovery. Official unemployment had dipped to 9%. Add in the five million who have given up looking for work and it jumps to 16.1%-one out of six are out of work. And one out of every four mortgage holders are under water. Meanwhile, Paulson the hedge-meister made 2.8 million dollars an hour last year and the suits at JP Morgan Chase knew Bernie Madoff was bent since 2007. Is that light or Hellfire I see at the end of the tunnel?

David caps the show with You Old Bohemian, one of his beautiful Old Man poems.

Keep listening, keep supporting us, and remember, we're all going to get through this together.

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