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Radio Free Oz: Waving Goodbye To The Pharaoh: Week of 2-14-2011
Mon, 14 Feb 2011 12:30:45

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Waving Goodbye To The Pharaoh: Week of 2-14-2011

This was one great big week. The Pharaoh is out! David and I riff on the Egyptian Revolution which I think will impact the 21st century much like the American version impacted the 19th century and the Russian model shaped the 20th.

I had to talk about the swine on Wall Street after reading Michael Lewis' The Big Short and watching Michael Ferguson's Inside Job. We have lost trillions of dollars, millions of homes and countless jobs because of those racketeers who pose as investment bankers. The book and the movie tell it all.

Then it's on to the Decline and Fall of the Republican Party, which will field a candidate in 2012 who will at best embarrass them and at worst destroy them.

Mississippi wants to honor one of the founders of the Ku Klux Klan with a license plate, Michele Obama went off-the-rack on the Today Show and they've come up with a foolproof genetic test for incest. Right wing radio is taking a ratings nose dive-their demographic has a way of getting older and dying. And you won't be able to light up your e-cigarette on an airplane come spring.

Oz Team stalwart, Chaz Glass does That Ain't All for us with his group, Sum Of Three. David wraps it all up with a haunting poem from his Old Man series, and we wish you a fond adieu until next week.

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