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Radio Free Oz: Keep Your Home Smelling Like Home: Week of 2-21-2011
Mon, 21 Feb 2011 12:30:21

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Keep Your Home Smelling Like Home: Week of 2-21-2011

David and I wax heartily on the budget slashing voted through by the ignoramuses and ideologues recently voted into the House of Representatives by a careless, sleepwalking electorate. Finally we get a look at the dark side of American populist politics. It ain't pretty, and it's going to cause a lot of grief before its' put to bed.

Then of course there's the Flight Of The Democratic Cheeseheads, crossing the state line to deny Gov. Scott Walker his summary execution of the state's public service unions. It's a good thing that Walker has come out of the closet, revealing his true, mean spirited self. Perhaps his overreaching will turn Madison Wisconsin into the new Cairo - we'll have to wait and see.

There's the delightful tale of the Philadelphia man who has foreclosed on his local Wells Fargo Bank, that had been screwing him around for months. Talking of banks and era, congratulations to Jamie Dimon the CEO of JPMORGAN who has avoided being frogged marched out his office for fraud and other assorted crimes, and instead has been award a 17 million dollar bonus. When are we ever going to wake up?

Karl Rove and Sarah Palin, resident demons of the New GOP are asking their fellow Republicans to lay off the birther bit. Could it be that Karl & Sarah sense a backlash from a public that is more interested in getting their jobs back than participating in a wing nut conspiracy campaign?

The music this week is from the Sum Of Three who treat us to Searchin'

David adds his tang to the flavor of the show with another entry from his "Old Man" poetic oeuvre.

We'll be back next week, but will the Cheeseheads Dems?

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