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Radio Free Oz: Kadafi vs. The Lady Orthodontist: Week of 2-28-2011
Mon, 28 Feb 2011 12:30:29

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Kadafi vs. The Lady Orthodontist: Week of 2-28-2011

What a week that was, and David and I brave the snow and ice to make our way to Blue Ewe Studios (with the timely help of Dave Malony and his van with chains) to put another Oz in your ears.

Who'd a thought that Kadafi Duck would be brought down in a revolution led by lawyers, judges and a lady orthodontist? Just like their neighbors in Tunisia and Egypt, it's not about establishing an Islamic state, it's about overthrowing a repressive dictator and hopefully getting on with a better life.

Talking about oppression from above, we move onto Wisconsin where Gov. Scott Walker is giving us a taste of what's in store if we let the radical Republicans, high on Koch, take over. It didn't take them long to show their hand. Now it's up to the rest of us to stand firm and make them blink.

I do a mid-level rant on why the President doesn't paste some on and tell the heartless mumsers on the radical right that we're a commonwealth and not a fiefdom of the ultra rich.

How quickly things are moving and Oz intends to be there as they pass by, no matter what the speed.

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