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Radio Free Oz: It's All Too Nick Danger For Me: Week of 3-7-2011
Mon, 07 Mar 2011 11:30:30

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It's All Too Nick Danger For Me: Week of 3-7-2011

David and I look at the second week of the Libyan Civil War. How about the father-son bonding between Kadafi and his eldest heir. And pity us, the world's primo superpower who once again are damned if we do and damned if we don't. Setting up a no-fly zone means air strikes and we'll be blamed for every Libyan death regardless of their affiliation. Let the slaughter continue and we'll be cursed for letting innocent Libyan citizens die.

We have our own little civil war going down in Wisconsin. The Governor wants to drag the recalcitrant Senators back by the napes of their necks. It's high comedy starring the low end of American politics.

A spot of good news. The latest poll says the vast majority of the American people want to shrink the deficit by cutting defense spending and taxing the wealthy. Maybe we're finally coming to our senses.

We come up with the perfect solution for reinventing Obama as a man of action who gets it done. Turn the White House into The West Wing again. Obama replaces Martin Sheen as the quirky, egg head President, and every week the ills of the nation and the world are solved in one hour with five commercial breaks.

Chaz Glass and The Sum Of Three return with a new tune, On My Way and David wraps things up with three more offerings from the Winter Edition of The Old Men Poems.

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