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Radio Free Oz: The Day That Tokyo Rose: Week of 3-14-2011
Mon, 14 Mar 2011 11:30:11

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The Day That Tokyo Rose: Week of 3-14-2011

Just a few hours before David and I reached out to each other from Whidbey Island to Los Angeles, the Japan earthquake hit. How extraordinary to watch a world class disaster over cell phones and social media. It makes the whole nightmare so much more personal.

While Japan shakes the world's super rich just keep shaking the money tree. The gaggle of billionaires grew by 199 last year, and added a trillion dollars to their combined loot. Time to soak 'em in the hard reign that's falling.

More news on the money front. Seems Bill Gross, who runs the world's largest bond funds has gone totally bearish on U.S. Treasury notes and other government paper. Doesn't think they pay enough. So much for the red, white and blue when green is concerned.

Newt Gingrich, the Mad Hatter of modern politics is popping up on right wing radio asking for forgiveness for his two savage divorces. His excuse for acting like such a heartless, self-centered pig? He was too busy working for America to behave.

Barack's latest press conference was a real sleeper. I applaud his refusal to act like a frat boy in the face of the infantile machinations of the new GOP; but, Mr. President, you just can't reach out to those Bozos forever. And please no more talk of The Recovery. It's not happening. Latest Bloomberg National Poll says 6 out of 7 Americans have no faith in a lasting recovery. Half think we're going to fall back into recession. Not much of a fall.

And then David told the tale of freshman, 91 year old, New Hampshire State Representative Martin Hardy who thinks "defective" people should be sent to Siberia. Martin is one of the yahoos who was swept into office in November. "Swept" is the proper verb because it brings up images of flotsam and jetsam.

David topped off a particularly fun talk with another poem from his Old Man series, "For Pete." Very beautiful and very touching.

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