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Radio Free Oz: A Cake As Big As The Bride: Week of 3-28-2011
Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:00:43

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A Cake As Big As The Bride: Week of 3-28-2011

It's not World War III, just our third war in the world. David and I review a week that saw us draw an X on Kadafi and his merry band of mercenaries. It's all a flat-screen world drama now; and who wouldn't go after an evil dude who plans to go door to door snuffing the population. I surely hope we're doing the right thing because my tax dollars are paying for it.

Back home, it's stories of the tea party boobs and their spawn displaying their ignorance and jaw dropping small mindedness. There's the new Governor of Maine who is taking down the history of labor murals in the state's Department of Labor because it smacks of being anti-business. Gone, amongst others, is Rosie The Riveter, the icon of women pitching in to win WWII. Over in the House of Garden Gnomes, all the Republicans on the Commerce Committee voted against a bill that merely admits the existence of global warming. Everybody knows that science is a liberal plot.

I nearly put David on the floor with the story of the wife who decided to honor the re-up of her marriage vows by ordering a five foot cake likeness of herself. Eat me!

We celebrate Ken Carson's 50th birthday. He's the doll dude who's been dating Barbie, while staying fashion forward for five decades. They did break up for a while when Barbie was questioning her sexuality.

Bad news for bald guys who want to bring back a full head of hair. The new grow-that-mane pill robs you of your libido. Your choice: limp with a 'do or stiff with a dome.

I read my most recent blog, The View From MT. Peak Oil and four of my limericks catching the spirit of Palin, Gingritch, Romney and Huckabee as they ponder going up against the Great Not Me in 2012.

David finishes off this fine conversation with his poetic tribute to Los Angeles, It's The Berries.

At various times during the show we remind you, the listeners to continue to contribute if you want to keep Oz In Your Ears. 'Nuf said.

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