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Thu, 07 Apr 2011 17:57:34

I'm writing this on the day before the government may or may not shut down. The whole enchilada is coming to a grinding halt because a gaggle of freshman Republicans won't compromise. "My golly," they say,"I can't go back to the folks in my district and tell them that since I've arrived here I've discovered that you've got to meet the other guy half way to get things done; not after I told them the other guy was working for the Devil."

The government closed down in 1995 because Newt Gingrich was a power hungry crazoid. Now, if the government collapses it will be because the Koch Brothers' cohort of billionaires, so ably led by their chief incubus, Karl Rove, and so conveniently enabled by a less that reputable majority on the Supreme Court have been able to whip up the boobs in the Tea Party into a white heat of anti-government invective. No surprise, the government is one of the few remaining tools whereby the shrinking middle class and the working poor can get some sort of social and economic justice. Cripple the government, break the unions-Classic Koch.

It's no coincidence that Paul Ryan nailed his draconian budget on the doors of Congress just as his colleagues were poised to throw their shows into The Machine. It's not the economy, stupid; it's something bigger. Let me limerize.

Paul Ryan is giving us pause.
His budget is loaded with flaws.
But Ryan won't fudge it.
Cause it's not a budget.
To him it's a glorious cause.

Ryan proposes to decimate Medicare, murder Medacaid, and slash every sector of discretionary spending, while reducing the rates on the grossly under taxed super-rich. He's not insane, nor are the Tea Party Hearties; they're on a mission to save this country from itself.

And by the way, check out the fine print on the one-week, 30 billion dollar budget cutting continuing resolution they're trying to stuff down our throats; no condoms, no Big Brother clean air and no NPR, who just might report on what a bunch of witless yahoos they are. And put away those ready shovels, because they're not throwing any crumbs at the crumbling infrastructure. It's my way and no highways.

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