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Radio Free Oz: Is That a Unicorn In Your Budget? Week of 4-11-2011
Sun, 11 Apr 2011 11:30:03

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Is That a Unicorn In Your Budget? Week of 4-11-2011

I'm on my own this week. David is on an East Coast vacation. Of course, the topic de jure is the last minute reprieve of the entire federal government by the Tan Woodman and his feckless band of freshman ideologues. Yes, the Democrats had to give away 40 billion of much needed discretionary funds, but they kept condoms on the street, and NPR on the air. It's all in my new blog, "My Way And No Highways."

A quick look at Donald Trump, who's taking the low road looking for sings of the infant Obama in Kenya. What in the world is under that man's toupee? He inspires a limerick.

Good news for Donald The Trump
His numbers have gotten a bump
He's a born again birther.
What's next, a flat earther?
Will that get him over the hump?

We reprise American Ticket with David as the irrepressible Reverend Mirther Birther, leading his flock at the One Way Lite Church.

Josh Woodward is back with "Motionless City," his haunting take on the Haitian earthquake

This week's contra temp is just the first act of a devilishly serious comic opera. Act Two will open later this spring when we'll have to decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. Now the Tea Party inspired ninnies and the GOP leadership which can not contain them can do some real damage. Who needs to shut down the government when you can force the Treasury to default on T-Bills (or T-Party bills as they soon may be known) and bring the whole "House That Barack Built" come crashing down?

Act Three is the 2012 Budget. Paul Ryan has drafted the GOP's take, what a nightmare! If you had asked me what sort of budget could the Republicans propose that would hasten their demise as a functioning political party, I would have jinned up something similar to Ryan's foolish, heartless and poorly drafted piece of economic tomfoolery and wishful thinking. Paul Krugman called it a unicorn budget, filled with mythical figures and impossible happy endings.

Another limerick. This one memorializes the downfall of Mad Glenn.

Life is a series of shocks.
I can't find Glenn Beck on the box.
Was it 'cause of his hair,
Or his poor market share,
That got his ass kicked off of Fox?

Thanks again to all the Ozinears who contributed last week. Keep it coming, and we'll keep it coming. By the way, Scott Wild has converted me into a Twittering fool. Follow Oz at @oznetwork. Who says you can't teach an old doggeralist new tricks.

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