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Radio Free Oz: The Paul Ryan Express To Nowhere: Week of 4-18-2011
Sun, 18 Apr 2011 11:30:27

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The Paul Ryan Express To Nowhere: Week of 4-18-2011

This was the week that the GOP showed their real colors, which were certainly not red, white and blue, at least according to President Obama, who accused the Republicans of giving up on a compassionate and connected America with their proposed 2012 budget, "The Path To Prosperity," the Paul Ryan Express to nowhere.

To prove my point on how thoroughly the President has smoked the right wing out of their gilded rat hole, I read both of my blogs for the week. In "The Bully Pulpit vs. The Playground Bullies," I predict on the eve of the Prez's speech that he would return to his progressive roots and draw a line in the setting concrete.

The day after the speech I wrote "Punking The GOP'" which is pretty much what he did. It took the liberal blogoise a full day to figure out how thoroughly Obama had marginalized the Republicans. "Cripple Medicare and murder Medicaid? Not on my watch," so spake the Chief Executive, and in so doing would up his watch for another four years.

David remains on vacation, sunburning the top of his feet on a North Carolina beach-lucky dog! But he's very much with it as he brings us his crazy professor in Slick Shrimp, our science fictional look at the Gulf Disaster, which along with Radio Free Oz celebrates it's first anniversary this month.

David returns as the Rev. Bill Barnstormer, the pastor of the First Church Of Science...Fiction, celebrating the nay-sayers. Let's say "Thank you" for them.

A brief look at The Donald. Anyone sighted a Trump/Bachmann 2012 bumper sticker yet? So, Donald is a full throated birther now. How convenient for the thoroughly improbable Republican front runner. I feel a limerick coming on.

Good news for Donald The Trump.
His numbers have gotten a bump.
Is it 'cause he's a birther?
What next-a flat earther?
Will that get him over the hump?

Josh Woodward asks for "Revolution Now" and on that merry thought we wish you all a merry tax month, and remind you that Oz needs your bucks more than the government. Do what you must to keep Oz In Your Ears.

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