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Tue, 19 Apr 2011 23:45:48

This is a piece I composed for Politico's Arena blogging forum. It is a response to the question: "Why are Obama's numbers so low, and will he benefit by going on the road?"

President Obama's numbers are as low as they are because, true to form, he has taken a patient and thoughtful approach to our looming financial crisis, rather than pointing fingers and blowing hard like his detractors on the right and the left.

None of them have truly taken his measure, including the nervous and fickle electorate. They still blame him for the collapse of American exceptionalism and the hard times that have come in it's wake.

He's taken the heat; but last week at George Washington University, Obama drew a line in the setting cement. Thus spake the President. I will not extend the Bush tax cuts, and I call on the rich to pay their fair share of the burden. I will not allow Medicare to be crippled and Medicaid dismantled on my watch. In so speaking, Obama just wound up his watch for another four years.

Yes, his numbers are low, but look at the twenty plus points he's picked up with independent voters. Rational people don't want a Trump comb-over, a ginned up Tpaw-ty or an empty suit from Massachusetts who's developed immense lower body strength backpedaling from the little good he's done.

The Campaigner In Chief is going on the road, and his detractors are about to experience the Art Of War, Obama style.

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