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Thu, 21 Apr 2011 22:23:37

Eric Cantor's prepared to play chicken with the nation's debt ceiling. Does this poor wonk fancy himself the newly risen James Dean, starring as the Beltway heart throb in "Rebel With A Cause?"

A cause that is nothing less than bringing down the Obama administration, the GOP's mission statement since 2008.

For two years in the minority the Republicans learned to "Just Say No." Now, in partial ascendancy, they're employing whatever means necessary to deny the Not Me in the White House a second term. It's not like the U.S. can't make good on their debts if we jack up the ceiling. With interest rates in the basement, this is a borrower's market; and with the Euro poised to slide on Greece and Japan's economy going nuclear, American T Bills remain the international hedge of choice.

Cluttering up the debt limit bill with more droppings from the defect hawks will only gum up the feeble recovery, and encourage Standard & Poors to downgrade our bonds below AAA? Wait a minute, isn't S&P the same gang of compliant toadies that slapped a Triple A rating on some of Wall Street's most toxic derivatives? Come on guys, give us a break. After all, what's good for the Golden Goose should be good for the Geitner.

I wonder who supports the Republican's commitment to financial brinkmanship. Maybe, it's the 20% of the country who have rallied behind the GOP's recent War On Medicare. So, ask yourself, "Can we afford to play chicken with these blinkered bullies and risk our economy taking a double dip in the deep fryer?" The answer is obvious. No, we Cantor.

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