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Fri, 22 Apr 2011 16:10:28

Send in the drones? Time magazine reports today that "the U.S. fired a volley of missiles into a militant-held region in Pakistan...ten missiles hit a house in Spinwam village...three children and two women were believed to be among the dead." Can we look forward to similar reports of collateral damage, replacing "Pakistan" with "Libya" and "Spinwam" with any one of the towns under siege from government forces?

This isn't mission creep, this is handing over the mission to the creeps who sit in refrigerated bunkers deciding who lives and who gets a Hellfire missile up their Kadafi-loving behind. And how can the joystick warriors tell the good guys from the bad guys? At twenty-five thousand feet it's hard to separate the black hats from the white.

As to whether the Libyan rebels have proven themselves worthy of our continuing support; that wasn't a consideration when we intervened in Bosnia or covertly supported the mixed bag of warlords and holy warriors in Afghanistan. Sure, the Libyan rebels are worthy; but are the protestors under the gun in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen any less worthy?

Yesterday, Mitt Romney empty suited-up, and accused Obama of "mission muddle" in Libya. It's a muddle all right, but not of our making. If Mitt and John Bolton and all the other soundbite strategists have a better plan, let's hear it. The silence is deafening.

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