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Radio Free Oz: Debt, Like Spaghetti, Sticks To The Ceiling: Week Of 4-25-2011
Sun, 25 Apr 2011 11:30:52

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Debt, Like Spaghetti, Sticks To The Ceiling: Week Of 4-25-2011

David is back - say,"Thank you" for that. He's returned from the tornado shredded East Coast to a verdant spring on The Emerald Isle.

We celebrate the first anniversary of Radio Free Oz. We started riding the ether on Earth Day last year, and here we still are, thanks in no small part to your generous support.

We spread a little doom and gloom around the room, checking out the sad state of the economy and the mind lock in the House Of Garden Gnomes.

David reads his thoroughly delightful poem, Donald Gnome The First, putting paid to the man who operates the freak show just outside The Big Tent.

I read a couple of the recent blogs I penned for the Arena discussion group at Politico. One, on the possible candidacy of Mitch Daniels, A Stand Up Guy Who Doesn't Stand A Chance and the other on the latest step in what Mitt Empty Suit calls the mission muddle in Libya, Send In The Drones?.

The Reverend Bill Barnstormer reprieves his paean, "The Second Book Of Paul," and Josh Woodward gives us a look of what it's like to be on, "The Wrong Side Of The Revolution."

It's a thoroughly chatty Show, now that David has returned from his much deserved vacation. He caps off day with Smoke And Mirrors, another offering from his "Old Man Series."

Our hunger for your continued support, on the other hand, is hardly smoke and mirrors. It, like your genial hosts, is the real thing. Slide on over to the big green button and keep Oz In Your Ears.

Until next week, Dead Friends, remember, debt like spaghetti, thrown high enough sticks to the ceiling.

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