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Mon, 25 Apr 2011 16:45:52

If Haley Barbour runs against Obama in 2012, it will be more of a trip, stumble and fall than a run.

Let us not forget, Barbour is the man who gazed out over the oil scum from the BP disaster and flippantly compared it to mousse. Barbour is the man who harkens back sentimentally to the days when the White Citizens Council kept things nice and normal in his Mississippi home town. Barbour is the Governor who has done little or nothing to improve his state's bottom of the barrel performance in education, health care and joblessness.

Yes, Haley's awfully good at collecting money for his fellow Republicans; but twisting arms and making secret deals with fat cats aren't skills that play well in Iowa and New Hampshire. When the campaign is over, Barbour will be remembered as just another political heavyweight who couldn't get his campaign off the ground.



Haley Barbour has taken a bow and gracefully exited the pack of Republican hopefuls, claiming that he has insufficient fire in his belly. Lots of belly, not enough fire.

Haley's no fool. He read the Tea Party leaves and found no auger of good fortune, even in the dregs, which is where his poll numbers reside. Now, he can go back to what he's really good at-being the GOP's number one financial flypaper. Roll him out at a Beltway bash, a Hilton Head hideaway or a corporate retreat and Barbour comes back loaded with billionaire bucks and corporate cash, which he dutifully dispenses to his colleagues who have stayed on the stump, taking his vig out in favors down the line.

I suspect that more than one Republican ringleader is not unhappy to see Haley exiting the Big Tent. They must have an inkling of what a haircut the party would take if Barbour made the cut.

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