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Tue, 26 Apr 2011 22:43:20

Isn't Ron Paul a stitch? I'm so glad he's entering the race for the GOP nomination. He'll bring a refreshing candor to the process. As a progressive and civil libertarian there are many issues on which I think Rep. Paul is spot on-legalization of recreational drugs, a radical curtailing and restructuring of the out of control intelligence community, a retreat from nation building abroad, a thorough pruning of the bloated defense budget and an end to bailing out the toxic con men on Wall St.

On others issues, most of which concern entitlements, federal funding for education, research, workplace safety and the like, Ron and I are one-eighty. Some of his ideas I find so out of touch with reality that I wonder what he's smoking; but Ron and I agree that's none of my business.

Welcome on board, Congressman. The pundits say you don't stand a chance, maybe not; but you'll keep the rest of the field honest, and, who knows-every Dark Horse has it's day.

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