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Fri, 29 Apr 2011 15:57:36

There's no doubt that the shellacking the Republicans are taking at town hall meetings is the real thing. You tell seniors and the generations behind them that you're going to cripple Medicare and murder Medicaid so you can give a trillion dollar tax break to the rich, and you won't have to hire any agent provocateurs to get the party started.

In 2009, the GOP had to terrorize the public with the specter of Death Panels playing Beat The Reaper with the elderly to whip up any substantial opposition to Obamacare. Now, the Dems only have to read directly from Paul Ryan's delusional and statistically flawed plan for the future to fan the flames of discontent.

What was John Boehner thinking when he allowed his party to vote in lock step for this toxic bill? I actually thought the Tan Woodman had more political savvy than that. And now, Harry Reid, the wily fox, is going to make his Republican colleagues choose whether or not to take a stroll down "The Path To Prosperity," a journey not unlike walking the plank into a sea of angry voters waiting to eat you alive. Bon appetite.

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