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Wed, 04 May 2011 15:17:32

Pakistan has been playing us like a violin since we butted into the Afghan war to rub Russia's nose in their own private Vietnam. We didn't know the territory, didn't speak the languages and couldn't tell one warlord from another. We arrived loaded down with cash and pumped up with cowboy bravado- perfect marks for Pakistani Intelligence. We didn't realize that Pakistan's Afghan involvement was all about Kashmir. They needed our endless supply of bucks to have a say in post Russian Afghanistan and recruit volunteers among the mujahideen for their holy war with India.H

Jump ahead twenty years and the U.S. is back to take out the Taliban and the Al Qaida training camps. The CIA, having forgotten about Afghanistan in the interim had to send back the same old hands who ran the show in the 80's. These Cold Warriors quickly got back in bed with their old mentors, Pakistani Intelligence.

It's common knowledge that Pakistan has been double crossing us for years, supporting the very warlords who kill American soldiers, training the Taliban and hiding Al Qaida big wigs. It's a little late for finger wagging at Pakistan and threatening them with sanctions. It's strategically stupid to boot. We need them to control their border if we ever hope to contain the Taliban. We need them to keep their nukes at home, and we need them at the negotiating table with India if we ever hope to broker a lasting peace in Asia.

Now that we've caught them playing "Hide The Terrorist," maybe we can get Pakistan to hand over the other Al Qaida leaders vacationing in their country. Fondly to be hoped; but whatever they do, we're stuck with these buzzards, like it or not.

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