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Fri, 13 May 2011 16:02:01

Tom Coburn is quitting the Gang
Compromising is just not his thang.
He refuses to play,
If he can't get his way,
And resolving the mess can go hang.

The Prez of the IMF vault
Is in handcuffs for rape and assault.
And Arnold's a Dad
With the housemaid he had,
Does power breed sin by default?

America's gotten it's wish.
Osama now sleeps with the fish.
The Prez is a winner,
When he sits down to dinner
There's no humble pie in his dish.

Newt's throwing his hat in the ring.
What could prompt him to do such a thing?
Imagine the stink
When they open Newt Inc.
And the two wives he screwed start to sing.

Ron Paul wants to dump Medicare,
And legalize smack; now, that's fair.
All the poor uninsured,
Won't be treated or cured;
They'll just shoot up and not really care.

Paneta is DOD bound,
To keep budgets and boots on the ground.
They've given Petraeus
The CIA dais,
Just moving the old drones around.

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